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There will be three events in this Team Tournament:
■  Saturday January 18, 2020 - 10am - Regular Team event.
■  Saturday, 30 minutes after last ball thrown in Team event will start Scotch Doubles (Must bowl with one of your three teammates) (The averages of the two bowlers competing together during this event will be added together and divided by 2 to create a composite average for the doubles event only). Each Doubles bowler must alternate throwing one ball. Example: He leaves a five pin. The other doubles partner must throw the ball to pick up the five pin. If the First bowler throws a strike, their Partner then throws the first ball the next frame.
■  Sunday: January 19, 2020 - No-Tap. Nine pins count as a strike.


Within one hour after the completion of the No-Tap event on Sunday, tournament awards and championship trophies will be awarded, and all cash side pots will be paid out. Each player on the championship team will be awarded a Championship Trophy as well as a free entry to next years tournament!

General Rules:
■  This is a Non-Sanctioned USBC Tournament.
■  You must have an average. If you do not have an average, your entering average will be equal to the highest average entering the tournament.


Verified Averages:

■  2017-18 USBC Book average (Please include USBC number for verification)
■  2016-17 USBC Book average (Please include USBC number for verification) 
■  Current 2019-20 League average (Must have 21 games bowled in league by the day of the event and the bowler must bring a copy of league standing sheet for verification and supply current USBC number)


Mulligan Rules:
■  Each Bowler can purchase two mulligans per event for $5.00 each.
■  In No-Tap, the bowler must use and bowl their own mulligan.
■  In Scotch Doubles either doubles partner may use or bowl the mulligan.
■  In team event any bowler on the team may use or bowl the mulligan.
■  We will offer side pots and brackets. 


■  The registration fee for this event (which covers entry into all three events) is as follows:
       -  Early-Bird Entry Fee: $75  (Available until 11:59pm December 31, 2019)
       -  Regular Entry Fee:  $100  (As of January 1, 2020, up to the day of the event) 
■  Sidepots, mulligans and brackets are also available to sign up for on the registration page but are separate from the registration fee.


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