Sin City Classic Sin City Classic


Division Format
 ■ Drop-in format.
 ■ Players will be placed depending on skill level indicated on your registration.
 ■ Teams will be comprised of 13 players and one goalie.
 ■ There will be a maximum of 8 teams. 4 Upper and 4 Recreational.


Registration Fee and Payment Information
 ■ The registration fee is $150 per person.
Entry cut off date is December 31, 2019 or until all team slots are filled.
 ■ Entries are based on a first-come, first-served basis. A waiting list will be started once filled.
 ■ Click on the Register button below for entry forms and payment.
 ■ Entry fee includes Tournament wristband to receive all hotel, restaurant and drink specials.

Sin City Classic

2019 Game Schedule
Players need to get to rink prior to their game to fill out waivers, etc.

Friday, January 18
SOBE Ice Rink

Game 1 – 12:30pm      Golden Knights vs Cirque Du Canada

Game 2 – 1:45pm        Blue Man Group vs Pinks of WEHO

Game 3 – 3:00pm        Black Jacks vs WTFlamingos

Game 4 – 4:15pm        Golden Knights vs Blue Man Group

Game 5 – 5:30pm        Pinks of WEHO vs WTFlamingos

Game 6 – 6:45pm        Black Jacks vs Cirque Du Canada

Saturday, January 19
City National Arena

Game 7 – 9:45pm        Cirque Du Canada vs Pinks of WEHO B

Game 8 – 10:15pm      Golden Knights vs Black Jacks A

Game 9 – 11:00pm      WTFlamingos vs Blue Man Group B

Game 10 – 12:15am    #5 vs #6 Consolation Game B

Sunday, January 20
City National Arena

SEMI-FINALS A – 9:30pm        #1 vs #4

SEMI-FINALS B – 9:45pm        #2 vs #3


Sin City Classic

 ■ Games will have 15-minute running time periods and a 3-minute warm-up in the round robin games. There will be five minutes of stopped time in the 3rd period of all games.
 ■ No checking allowed. Checking will result in a minor or major penalty.
 ■ No derogatory or homophobic comments. This will result in a minor or major penalty; or possible game or tournament ejection.
 ■ Half shields and full face shields are not required, but strongly recommended.
 ■ TWO line passes ARE allowed.
 ■ No fighting allowed. Fighting may result in ejection from the game and tournament.
 ■ Each team may have a 30-second time out per game.
 ■ Slap shots are allowed.
 ■ Players may play for one team only. (Unless approved by tournament directors.)
 ■ Teams may replace a goaltender in the event of injury or sickness.
 ■ Ties are allowed in all games except the Semifinals and Championship game.
Point Scoring

2 points to the winning team at the end of each period.
1 point awarded to both teams if the score is tied at the end of the period.
0 points awarded to the team with the least points at the end of the period.
2 points are awarded to the team that wins the game. If the game ends in a tie, each team is given 1 point.
Tie-breaking after the Round Robin

a)     Number of wins

b)     Head-to-head

c)     Most goals for

d)     Least goals against

e)     Least penalty minutes

Tie-breaking in the Semi Finals/Championship Game

The game will consist of a five minute, sudden-death overtime period. If the game is still tied, a shoot-out of five players will take place. If the game is still tied, the shoot-out will continue with five different players in a sudden death format, until a winner is determined and the tie is broken.
Abuse of Officials

A minor penalty shall be assessed to any player or coach who disputes or challenges the referees ruling during the game or who displays unsportsmanlike conduct. If the person persists, the official will assess a game misconduct.

All teams will advance to the semi-finals. The match-ups will be 1 vs. 4 seeds and 2 vs. 3 seeds. The winners of the semi-finals will compete in the Championship Game on Sunday.

Sin City Classic