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Sin City Classic

Divisions Offered

The WWB Pairings Process uses actual weight, age, & skill level in drawing medal brackets, not just weight. It is very specific based on who shows up to compete. Pairings for matches are done first in the interest of safety for all competitors who have varying levels of skill.



The WWB Event Schedule at Sin City Classic is listed here.  More exact times and venues will be announced closer to the event.



2-4pm – Beginners’ Clinic

4-9pm – Sin City Classic Registration

5-7pm – Freestyle Wrestling Clinic

8:30pm – Wrestler Social - Venue TBD


11am – Wrestlers Report

12-5pm – Freestyle Wrestling Tournament - Flamingo Ballroom

7-10pm – Wrestler/Grappler Party & Awards - Flamingo Hotel Suite

10pm – Wrestlers Night Out - Sin City Classic Saturday Venue


11am – Set Up

12-2pm – Grappling Clinic - Flamingo Ballroom

2-4pm – Grappling Matches & Open Mat

9pm – Sin City Closing Party - Sin City Classic Sunday Venue


Registration Fee and Payment Information

  ■ The registration fee is $60 per athlete ($40-$50 for those that choose to participate in activities but NOT compete in any wrestling event).
  ■ Entries are on a first-come, first-served basis - 60 matches max!
  ■ Entry fee includes Tournament wristband needed to receive all hotel, restaurant, show, drink specials.


Sin City Classic

Sin City Classic