Sin City Classic


Sin City Classic Sin City Classic Sin City Classic


Sin City Classic


1. Symmetry - Relaxed round with 1/4 turns to the right.
2. Muscularity - Comparison poses (about 10 in unison). Front double biceps, side chest, abs, legs, triceps, back double biceps, most muscular, lat spread front and back are examples. Additional poses as required, that will be demonstrated if necessary.
3. Posing Presentation - A routine with at least one front, side back and twisting pose set to music with NO obscene, profane or offensive language in the lyrics. Songs must be on a CD and set to Track 1. You are permitted 90 seconds to two minutes for singles and two to three minutes for pairs.

Proper posing attire please. No jock straps, thongs or see-through attire. Posing trunks must be of a solid color without prints or designs. Neither props nor "bump & grind" strip show type routines are permitted. These restrictions are not meant to restrict you, but to ensure you have a tasteful, creative and entertaining posing routine.
Age Groups for Men and Women
Juniors     Age 18 - 20
Adults      Age 21 - 39
Masters   Age 40 - 49
                Age 50 - 59
                Age 60 - 69
                Age 70 + (only available for men)
Weight groups such as Light and Heavy will only be employed when an age group exceeds ten participants. All participants will be weighed and divided in half. For odd numbers like eleven for example, Light will be the first six and Heavy the remaining five in ascending weight order.


Two Men! Yes, only available at Sin City Classic and the Gay Games.
Two Women! Same as above.

Mixed Pairs of one man and one woman.

You can be in one Singles and one Pairs event, no more than two. You can not be in multiple age groups, meaning there is NO OPEN event for any and all. A Junior can not be in the Adult for example. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to participate.


Tested and Non-tested
In addition to all of the above you have the option to be tested in advance at an additional cost of $85. This is not required. If you do decided to be tested, then you MUST pass in order to qualify. If you fail, there is NO APPEAL. Decision of the Lab is final. There will be separate awards each for Tested and non-tested. You will compete together, scored together, but rankings separated for the purposes of medal awards. Do not take this test unless you are 100% sure you can pass the test. Those that wish to be tested should do so by December 30. This allows two weeks for the lab to produce a result. When you send your $85 payment by money order you will be sent the form to take the test in your home town with directions where to go. Please take into account the time you will need for the mail to go back and forth in order to receive your paperwork on time.

NO SPRAY TANNING. Do not use hotel towels, please bring your own. Do not get any tanning material on anything other than yourself. The contest will be in The Bloq Ballroom at The LINQ Hotel & Casino. As we do not know if there is a separate warm-up area, so the Ballroom can not have remnants left over from the tanning process. There is a possibility that the hotel could rule that tanning lotions are NOT allowed. Do not be concerned if this should happen, as judges will take this into consideration. Some athletes may be pre-tanned before coming to the contest site. Please be very careful when tanning in your hotel rooms, as you are responsible for any damage caused by tanning material.
Always have good sportspersonship at all times. If you have any questions, please call Richard Cavaler at (248) 354-5841.

Sin City Classic