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Player Registration:
All players must register with a Government I.D. before taking the field. Players must register before the start of their first game to be eligible for the remainder of the tournament. Team manager/designated representative may request a Late Player Registration to the Tournament Chair only, before start of games Saturday morning.


Player Line-ups:
Teams must begin and finish with 8 players to avoid forfeit. All subsequent players who arrive late are able to join at the end of the line-up. Please email them to


Game Time:
Both managers must be ready with a completed line-up sheet 10 minutes prior to game time for coin toss when called by umpire. Teams must have 8 players at game start time.


Home Team:
Home team will be determined by coin toss during round robin and elimination games. For playoff and championship games, the higher seeded team shall be the home team.


Tournament players will assist in umpiring along with staff. Teams will volunteer first base umpires.


Double-Elimination Bracket Play:
A random draw of teams will determine the start of the tournament. Playoffs draw will be determined by same record with seeding based on the following priority: 2-0-0, 1-0-1, 1-1-0, 0-1-1, 0-0-2, and 0-2-0. (Wins-Loss-Tie).


Home Runs:
When a home run is hit, the batter and all runners must touch at least one base and immediately return to the dugout to speed up play.


Player Ejection Penalty:
Any player exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct, by the umpire, can be ejected from the game. Player shall be removed from current game only. Tournament officials reserve the right to suspend and/or disqualify any ejected player for futures games of the tournament if ejection is deemed to be threatening in nature to another player, umpire, spectator, tournament staff, park patron, animals or morally offensive.


Each player must wear a “team jersey” uniform. There are no regulations to the extent of the outfit – anything is allowed – but your team must have a uniform look.


Tournament Integrity:
The competitive integrity of all tournament play is paramount. All participants must adhere to the spirit and letter of the rules. The Sin City Classic reserves the right to remove participants for any action that is illegal, harassment, threatening, unethical, and detrimental to the success of the event or constitutes cheating at the discretion of Tournament Officials. Participants are reminded we are here for friends, fun and Kickball!


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